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The first two games both feature a special condensed Chao Garden (from the start in the first, unlockable in the second), and the Game Cube-GBA link cable can be used to import/export chao from and to the Game Cube ports of (2004), Eggman literally splits Earth into seven zones through the power of the Master Emerald, and uses a familiar robot that can emulate our heroes' abilities to try and take over the shattered world.

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Sonic and friends must reunite with each other in order to bring the planet back together and stop Eggman.

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On December 21st, 2001, ps flew in the video game industry when Sonic The Hedgehog finally made his debut on a Nintendo system with the release of the first ever orinal Sonic/Sega game to appear on a Nintendo system after Sega's switch to software manufacturing.

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The game was also released the same day in Japan along with the Nintendo Gamecube port of series for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance. ) and the gameplay is a bit slower than its successors but features a little more emphasis on platforming.

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