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Optimizing System Performance External I/O under OpenVMS

The flags argument is a longword bit mask in which each bit corresponds to an option flag. The I/O status block in which the completion status of the service is returned as a condition value. The following diagram shows the structure of the I/O status block: The AST routine executed when the service completes, if SS$_NORMAL is returned in R0.

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The $DDTMDEF macro defines symbolic names for the option flag, described in Table SYS-53. The astadr argument is the address of the entry mask of this routine.

Optimizing <strong>System</strong> Performance External I/O under <strong>OpenVMS</strong>

Preparing to Use UETP - OpenVMS System Manager's Manual

The routine is executed in the same access mode as that of the caller of the $SET_DEFAULT_TRANS service.

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The identifier (TID) of the new default transaction for the calling process.

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