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The beginning of Helaman is where we first encounter the Gadianton Robbers.

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Hamblin (Salt Lake City: Deseret Book/Provo, Utah: Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies, 1990).

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Daniel Peterson discusses the war tactics of the Gadianton Robbers in lht of ancient warfare practices. This entry provides evidence that cement in the Book of Mormon is not anachronistic and was in fact used in Mesoamerica. Welch, "Concrete Evidence for the Book of Mormon," in , edited by John W. In Helaman 3:8, it tells of people that spread to the land northward and the land southward.

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"Cement in the Book of Mormon," Maxwell Institute for Relious Scholarship. This short article also provides additional evidence on cement used in Mesoamerica and its use in the Book of Mormon. This article proposes that Book of Mormon peoples could have spread across the entire American continent, and not simply remained in a limited geographic scope. Sorenson, "Mesoamericans in Pre-Columbian North America," in , edited by John W. Helaman 3:8 says that the people spread from the sea south to the sea north.

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