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When running the speaker cables through the wall I didn't encounter any power lines, or mess with the power plate/j-box at all.

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Also, our house is only a year old, and regularly trips the breaker over the smallest amount of electrical usage, so I would imagine if we got enough power to blow the receiver, it'd have tripped well before.

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Also, I haven't used the receiver in about 13 months,but was out in the open and in a clean and well ventilated area. Looks like there isn't an external breaker reset beside the cord from what I can see in the manual (

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I'm using 14g 2c wire, and have tried plugging the unit in both directly to the wall as well as in the power strip. @jsmithepa - I apologize again as I'm a bit of a newb with receiver tech, but I'm looking at where the cord connects to the receiver, and I've looked through the online user manual, but I don't see a breaker reset. Two other possibilities to try are listed in the Troubleshooting in the manual on page 113 There is no breaker reset on that receiver. If you can't get any result unplug it from the wall. If not you can remove the top and check for a blown fuse.

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