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Hi, I recently bought Moto Z Play and there was just Getting Started Guide, I'd like to have this full User Guide (

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For a phone that single-handedly resuscitated the business prospects of its parent company, gave a much-needed boost to Google's fledgling Android and finally added a compelling product to Verizon's lineup, the Droid can't get no respect.

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Initially billed as the anti-i Phone, the OG flagship embodied an aggressively tech for tech's sake design ethos, with its masculine, hard-edged build, geeky OS and Lucasfilm licensed moniker. Now, two years later and sucked of its disruptive significance, the only legacy remaining for the red-eyed Droid franchise is its brand equity and QWERTY slider appeal.

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Aside from Black Berry addicts, most consumers appear none too chuffed to see those slide-out keypads become the stuff of mobile lore, and instead prefer those increasingly ubiquitous slabs (namely, of the 4.3-inch-and-up persuasion). Why is the Droid 4, now imbued with LTE, getting the B-list treatment?

Motorola droid 4 instruction manual:

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