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I recently learned in another forum that some people have had their Canon 5D Mk III freeze up during shoots, forcing them to remove the battery and restart the camera.

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I do not have a Mk III yet, but it has been on my list to purchase. Brent Dunn Owner / Director / Editor Dunn Rht Films Dunn Rht Video Marketing Sony EX-1, Canon 5D Mark II Canon 7D Mac Pro with Final Cut Studio Adobe CS6 Production Yes.

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This just happened to me THIS MORNING for the first time. I was primarily shooting video (which is mostly what I use the camera for, though I use stills to set up the shot in manual mode.) My camera locked up while recording--the image froze on the LCD, and no button I pressed made a difference.

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I finally ended up pulling out the battery and that seemed to reset it, but I lost a good chunk of footage and this is going to make my client very unhappy. I think whether you buy it depends on how much you have to rely on it.

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