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The System: The Specs: Dimensions: 6.7"/170 mm wide x 2.9"/74 mm hh x .9"/23 mm deep Weht: .62 lbs/280 g (including battery) CPU: PSP CPU (1-333 MHz) Memory: 32 MB Main Memory 4 MB embedded DRAM Display: 4.3", 16:9 widescreen TFT LCD screen 480 x 272 pixels 16.77 million colors The Format: UMD (Universal Media Disc) Specifications: Dimensions: 65 mm tall x 64 mm wide x 4.2 mm deep 60 mm disc diameter Weht: 10 g Capacity: 1.8 GB (single-sided, dual layer) Wavelength: 660 nm (red laser) Encryption: AES 128-bit Release dates: Japan: December 12, 2004 North America: March 24, 2005 Europe: September 1, 2005 Units sold: Worldwide: 80 million (as of November 2013) Best Selling Game: Monster Hunter Portable 3rd with 4.7 million units by June 2011. I can't believe I'm looking back on the PSP nostalgiy. It just blew my mind that I could play games with 3D graphics on a handheld, now I take it for granted since I can play them on my phone.

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Links to retro GAF: I've been thinking of trying to track down info about every peripheral for the PSP and PSP Go. GPS, camera, microphone and probably other things as well. The screen was amazing, and the ability to play video files portably. I always say how the smartphone revolution happened back when the PSP got hacked.

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If anyone can direct me to a source that documents all that stuff then please do. Nowadays these kind of things are normal since every phone has it, but back then the PSP was the best portable media device available. If Sony knew what the potential was perhaps they could've beaten Apple to the punch.

Traxxpad Portable Studio Review - N

Without a doubt my most hyped console before it was released, and the one I've been most obsessed about.

Traxxpad portables studio instruction manual:

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