Potentiometric versus manual titration endpoint

Potentiometric Determination of Phosphoric Acid in Unknown Sample.

The HI902C is an automatic titrator that complements our wide range of products dedicated to efficient and accurate laboratory analysis.

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The HI902C potentiometric titrator can perform acid/base, redox (ORP), complexometric, precipitation, non-aqueous, argentometric, and ion selective titrations, as well as back titrations and titre determinations.

<i>Potentiometric</i> Determination of Phosphoric Acid in Unknown Sample.

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This powerful titrator automatically dispenses the titrant, detects the endpoint, and performs all necessary calculations and graphing.

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In addition to titration, the HI902C also operates as a fully functional p H, m V/ORP, and ion selective electrode (ISE) meter.

Potentiometric versus manual titration endpoint:

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