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Did no one in power realize videogames offered a veritable treasure trove of cameos, genres, worlds, references, easter eggs, gags and, above all, untapped, multi-generational potential?

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Has everyone who's breathed the words "arcade" or "gaming" in a pitch meeting been hushed or summarily dismissed? If nothing else, it's clear that the Wreck-It Ralph filmmakers aren't simply aware of videogames or, worse, building entire worlds on the back of a brittle gimmick.

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Or were previous forays into such prospects so uninspiring that they were abandoned early on? They're drawing from a lifelong love affair with videogames, and the gamers in the audience, however young or old, are the ones primed to reap the rewards.

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Whatever the case, Wreck-It Ralph is long overdue... Bison (among other Street Fighters eagle-eyed quarter jockeys will spot). And while those who chuckle at the mere mention of a Game Genie or Power Glove will no doubt get the most out of Wreck-It Ralph, casual gamers, button mashers or even those intimidated by the sight of dual analog sticks won't be left scratching their heads or fumbling through an instruction manual.

Mortal kombat trilogy dos manual:

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